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Consultants in Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture

Supply of scallops to the UK market over the short to medium term

Project Location: United Kingdom
Project Date: 2012
Project Funding: Private
Project Summary: MEP prepared a report which considered factors likely to affect UK scallop fisheries in the short to medium term.

The objective of this study was to assess the likely short to medium term future of the UK scallop industry, with also some information about other important EU fisheries (France, Ireland). The main likely sources of change considered in the report were i) stock status, ii) effort management by both National Authorities and The European Commission, iii) environmental regulation and iv) political change. Some opportunities for the industry were also considered. Information on landings were obtained from MMO and from the EU Eurostat system, while information on the current effort management regime and ongoing negotiations came from the DEFRA website and contacts.