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Consultants in Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture

MEP Team Profiles

David Elliott

David Elliott, Chairman, MEC

Having set MEP up in 1976 David has managed a variety of fisheries projects over a period of 40 years. With experience working on every continent, David has a wide-ranging knowledge of fisheries policy and management in both developed and less developed countries. David has a particular interest in sustainability and community management which he has successfully introduced to several countries.

Max Goulden

Managing Director
Max Goulden, Managing Director, MEC

Max is Managing Director of Macalister Elliott and Partners Ltd and responsible for oversight of the whole business. Max has worked in the fisheries and aquaculture sector for over 7 years and has a wide-ranging knowledge of both industries. Previously Max was responsible for the set up and running of MEPs sister company ME Certification Ltd and as a result has a deep understanding of a range of certification schemes within the fisheries and aquaculture sectors. Max has an MSc in Aquaculture from Stirling University and has worked around the globe on a huge variety of products. He specialises in traceability, sustainable development of market chains, due diligence assessments (particularly within aquaculture) and business sector planning.

Stephen Akester

Stephen Akester, Director, MEC

Stephen has over 40 years’ experience in the design, preparation, implementation, and management of fisheries management and development projects. Stephen has previously worked and lived throughout the world, including extended periods in the Maldives and Sri Lanka but is now based at MEP’s Head Office in Lymington.

Tom Schlesinger

Finance Director
Tom Schlesinger, Finance Director, MEC

Tom is a Chartered Accountant and joined MEP in 1991. As Finance Director and Company Secretary, Tom is responsible for company finances, accounting, invoicing, treasury and all aspects of project and clients contracts and finances.

Ed Willsteed

Senior Consultant
Ed Willsteed, Senior Consultant, MEC

As a qualified marine biologist specialising in commercial and artisanal fisheries, Ed has worked on a variety of projects including sustainable fisheries, fisheries policy, fisheries management, monitoring control and surveillance, marine ecology, financial and socio-economic impact assessments. Ed has been working with MEP since 2004.

Fran James

Fisheries Biologist
Fran James, Fisheries Biologist, MEC

Fran is a qualified marine biologist, having obtained an MSci in Marine Biology. Joining MEP in 2013, Fran began working with the World Wildlife Fund, conducting sustainability assessments for wild capture fisheries and aquaculture operations against the WWF Common Methodology, including for Japan, China, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. In her subsequent years she has acted as Fisheries Liaison Officer for several civil works and renewable energy developments. Fran has been involved in a wide range of international project work. Some of these include cetacean by-catch studies in the Black Sea, Fishery Improvement Projects in Greece, shellfish regeneration projects in the UK and fisheries livelihood restoration programmes in Mozambique. Fran now specialises in fisheries management in the African region, including fishing vessel monitoring, control and surveillance.

Alex Senechal

Fisheries Management Specialist
Alex Senechal, Fisheries Management Specialist, MEC

Alex joined MEP in 2016 as Projects Officer, with a background in marine biology/zoology, specialising in Fisheries Ecology and Management.  He has worked with Kent and Essex IFCA for the previous 4 years. He has first-hand experience of UK and EU fisheries legislation, as well as conducting bathymetric and shellfish surveys to assess stock densities. He previously worked with MEP using his fluency in French for ongoing MEP projects based in Africa and also has experience of using GIS systems for shellfish stock assessments and VMS track analysis of fishing vessels.

Caitlin Gilmour

Fisheries Consultant
Caitlin Gilmour, Fisheries Consultant, MEC

Caitlin joined MEP in 2018 after obtaining a BSc in Marine Geography and a Masters of Research in Oceanography from the University of Southampton.  Prior to this, Caitlin gained research and work experience in Greece and the Maldives.

Her work with MEP began with conducting sustainability assessments for wild capture fisheries operations for the World Wildlife Fund against the WWF Common Methodology. Assessments were conducted for fish stocks worldwide and were aimed at providing seafood buyer and consumer advice.

Kerry Lewis

Project Manager
Kerry Lewis, Project Manager, MEC

Since joining MEP in 2014, Kerry has been coordinating the key management and administration of a large variety of MEP projects. Prior to this, Kerry has over 20 years of project management and administrative experience working in the finance and management consulting sectors.

Nikki Lewis

Nikki Lewis, Administrator, MEC

Having joined MEP in 2016, Nikki has taken on the role as administrator, assisting with the various MEP projects.  Nikki has many years administrative experience, previously working within Law Enforcement.

Martin Lander

Project Coordinator
Martin Lander, Project Coordinator, MEC

Martin joined MEP in March 2011 having spent the last 32 years operating an independent travel company in Hampshire. Much of Martin’s previous work involved the making of travel arrangements for MEP staff and this is a role he continues at MEP. Martin is currently working as a Project Coordinator on some of our longer term projects.

Dr Jo Gascoigne

Marine Biologist, Fisheries Expert
Dr Jo Gascoigne, Marine Biologist, Fisheries Expert, MEC

After a period with MEP in the nineties, Jo left to complete a PhD before re-joining and now manages and implements a variety of fisheries projects. Jo was formerly a Research Lecturer at the University of Wales Bangor, and is an expert on fisheries management and ecosystem effects of fisheries.