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Jawharat courtesy of Al Wusta Fisheries

18 March, 2021

Oman Scad – The Jawharat

In 2018 MEP finalised a detailed business plan for the Al Wusta Fisheries Company which was accepted by the board and implementation commenced targeting Scad. The MEP team had identified…

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The traditional artisanal fishing vessels that dominate the Omani fleet

16 March, 2021

Fisheries in Oman

An article in The Omani British Business Council’s Quarterly E-Bulletin titled ‘Oceans, Sustainability and Heritage: Oman’s Blue Economy’ was prepared by David Elliott and Max Goulden and reflects some of…

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UK Fisheries Audit

02 February, 2021

UK Fisheries Audit

MEP have recently provided the eNGO Oceana with the UK Fisheries Audit. The audit provides an evidence-based snapshot of the status of UK fish stocks and the UK fishing sector’s…

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Transfer of rock to barge

21 October, 2020

Hythe Ranges Sea Defence project

MEP are providing fisheries liaison and loss adjustment services for those fishers affected by the Hythe Ranges Sea Defence project. Van Oord, working in partnership with Mackley and on behalf…

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01 October, 2020

Falkland Finfish Fisheries Review

MEP have recently completed an independent, expert review of the Falkland Islands’ management of the mixed-species finfish and skate fisheries on behalf of the Falkland Islands Government. In doing so,…

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Haven seariser platform to drill boreholes as part of the Sofia Offshore Wind Farm project

16 July, 2020

Sofia Offshore Wind Farm

The attached article (see relative links below) was recently published in the local Teesside gazette, where the Haven Seariser Platform, located on the shore between Marske and Redcar has been…

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Menai Bay Conservation Area (MBCA)

25 November, 2019

Zanzibar Marine Conservation Areas (MCAs)

MEP Consultants have recently been visiting stakeholders in Zanzibar for a consultancy to prepare general management plans for marine conservation areas. The project aims to directly contribute to the improved…

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