MEP Services

We offer a wide range of support in the fisheries and aquaculture space: from business planning and community development to biodiversity restoration and carbon sequestration, to name a few. Over the years, our focus has broadened from fisheries development in less developed countries to now cover all areas of the industry.

Our strengths include stakeholder engagement, project management and coordination, which means we’re well-versed in understanding sometimes complex industry jargon and translating that into something clear and meaningful for our clients.

Although our capabilities are broad, ultimately, we bring a community approach to marine conservation and we’re proud of our environmental credentials. Whatever the challenge, we believe a commercially viable fisheries or aquaculture operation must also be environmentally sustainable. That’s why our approach will always focus on the circular economy across the value chain, a sustainable use of resources and the coexistence of local communities.

We work with a large variety of clients: from national governments, international funding agencies (such as the World Bank, FAO, EU, ANB and AFDB), private sector clients and large industrial fishing companies, to leading multilateral and bilateral technical agencies, academic and scientific institutions, NGOs and small artisanal fisheries who are simply supporting their local community.

Whether you’re an NGO looking for support with local capacity building, an aquaculture company preparing for a new investment or a fishing business working to reach your ESG targets, we have the expertise and contacts to find the right solution for your situation. Read on for more information about our key services or, if you don’t see something specific listed, get in touch.

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