Alex Senechal

Alex Senechal

Alex is a marine biologist with a background in inshore fisheries enforcement having worked at Kent & Essex IFCA for 4 years prior to starting at MEP in 2016 as a Projects Officer. During this time Alex was responsible for the enforcement of UK and EU legislation applicable to inshore fishing vessels within the KEIFCA district both as a shore officer along the Essex coast and boarding officer while at sea. Alex has since further developed his experience of MCS by managing projects at MEP involving VMS and other tracking technology for the monitoring of small scale to industrial fisheries in the EU, West and East Africa as well as Southeast Asia. This has included producing tender technical specifications for VMS and small scale fisheries monitoring systems, type approval documents for E-MTUs, SOPs for VMS centre staff and manging trials of AIS transponders for the monitoring small scale fisheries in a number of countries.

In support of national coastguards with fisheries duties and Departments of Fisheries, he has overseen the design, acquisition, building and modification of fisheries enforcement vessels to increase the capacity of these institutions. When conducting fisheries liaison and compensation work for marine development projects around the world including oil and gas, port development and Offshore Windfarm development, Alex is able to draw on his experience of working with fishers from all walks of life, from subsistence artisanal fishing, to industrial offshore activity in order to gather important information and negotiate where needed to ensure fair agreement between both parties ensuring that any compensation is evidence based whenever possible. Alex also undertakes GIS tasks for MEP and has provided GIS training to VMS staff from Myanmar, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Liberia for the analysis and reporting on vessel activity within the respective country’s EEZs.

Specialises in:

  • Marine fisheries ecology, development and management
  • Fisheries liaison and compensation
  • Fisheries policy and legislation
  • Data analysis and reporting
  • Geographic information systems

Regions worked in:

  • United Kingdom
  • Europe
  • East Africa
  • West Africa
  • Southeast Asia