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Consultants in Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture

Wadden Sea – Sustainable Fisheries Study

Project Location: The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark
Project Date: 2006
Project Funding: Wadden Sea Secretariat
Project Summary: The study 'Sustainable Fisheries in the Trilateral Wadden Sea' was carried out on behalf of the Wadden Sea Board by MacAlister Elliott and Partners Ltd. (MEP) in collaboration with Innovative Fisheries Management (IFM) and BioConsult SH.

The objectives of the study were to document the state of affairs regarding fisheries in the trilateral Wadden Sea through an inventory and analysis of the fisheries sector in the region; formulate recommendations for sustainability criteria for fisheries from an ecological, economic and social perspective and from the perspective of nature protection and provide recommendations for a process in which joint principles for fisheries are elaborated.