Black Sea – Cetacean Study

A review and analysis of all national and international legislation, aiming at the protection and conservation of cetaceans in the Black Sea, with identification of possible gaps and loopholes in the legislation or in its implementation. Also included in the review is a rapid assessment of the capacity of existing national fisheries legislation in Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. Collection of new data from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine and a review of existing information from all coastal States on Harbour porpoises, Phocoena phocoena, common dolphins Delphinus delphis, and Bottlenose dolphins, Tursiops truncatus in the Black Sea and their interactions with fisheries in the Black Sea. Implementation of cetacean surveys in the western Black Sea, including Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine (comprehensive aerial and boat surveys) and for the entire Black Sea (opportunistic survey using ferry routes) with subsequent synoptic assessment of cetacean abundance and distribution, and identification of hot spots and critical habitats. Identification of means of reducing cetacean bycatch by Black Sea fisheries exhibiting high rates of bycatch, through a critical review of existing literature and preparation of a draft regional strategy for reducing cetacean bycatch in the Black Sea.