Chingetti Field Abandonment and Decommissioning Environmental Impact

MEP have been retained by PC Mauritania 1 Pty Ltd (PCMPL)  to carry out an Environmental Impact Statement, Waste Management Plan and Fisheries Impact Assessment for the abandonment and decommissioning of facilities at Chinguetti Oil Field. The facility became operational in 2006, but has now reached the end of its operational life and is due to be decommissioned.

The facilities will be abandoned and decommissioned to restore the field to a safe condition that minimizes potential residual environmental impact (the Abandonment and Decommissioning Plan (A&D Plan).

Following the completion of the EIS, MEP were further contracted to provide a detailed Comparative Assessment (CA) considering all the A&D options and the positive/negatives of each. This was presented to the Mauritanian authorities during a two day workshop in the country.