Dogger Bank South Windfarm

RWE are developing and building an 8 gigawatt windfarm 110 km off the North East Coast of UK, this will be the world’s largest offshore windfarm. The disturbance to the fishing fleets by the surveys and construction requires complex Fisheries Liaison services as well as compensation based on historic landing figures and verified evidence based landing data requiring a detailed knowledge of the fishing activities.

MEP are contracted to provide services to compensate fishing vessels for any disturbance or interruption to their usual activities caused by the surveys and construction of the cable route of over 100km and the substantial area of the Array. All payments must be evidence based using records so landing data, vessel position data and accounts are scrutinised and assessed to determine each individual vessels reliance on the areas they are excluded from, in some instances observers are placed on the vessels to verify data. MEP are responsible for drafting and obtaining agreements with the vessel owners and making timely payments on behalf of the client.