Economic and Financial Feasibility Study of the Providence Fish Centre

MEP were contracted by The Seychelles Ministry of Finance, Trade and Economic Planning to conduct an economic and financial feasiblity study of developing a Providence Fish Centre in the Seychelles.  The Fishing Boat Owners Association (FBOA) had proposed the initiative to create a new ‘fish centre’ at Providence Bay to deal with significant catch numbers. The major aims of this centre are;

  • To provide post harvesting structures to help facilitate landed product quality and trade (such as ice, cold storage, sanitation equipment etc.)
  • To provide a base for more structured and organized wholesale purchasing of domestic fish products (for example through an auction facility).
  • Centralise the landing of domestic fish product in the Seychelles and help with the ability of the authorities to ensure traceability and aid the collection of data for value chain analysis.

The work provided a financial model for the development of a fish  auction in the region and predictions on expected through put and costs associated with the venture.