Fish Hatchery – Design, Tender and Implementation

MEP were partnered with Akvaplan-Niva in the creation of a feasibility study for the establishment of a marine fish hatchery and fish farm plant in the Republic of Kuwait. The project was financed by the Kuwaiti Institute for Scientific Research (KISR). The feasibility study started with a detailed market feasibility study which considered what species were suitable for further development within Kuwait. The study made proposals for the culture of Grouper (hamoor), Yellow fin bream (sobaity) and European sea bream. It was determined that a market existed for the increase of all three species in the Arabian Gulf. Following the completion of the Market study, a technical and operational plan was drawn up for the production of these species at both the hatchery and on-growing stage. The technical specifications outlined a modern re-circulating based system using cutting edge technology through-out. The hatchery designed, would be capable of producing 5 million fry per year and the on-growing farm, 1,000 Tonnes per year. The final stage of the feasibility study involved the completion of a financial and business plan for the hatchery and farm. This considered all financing aspects of the farm and made recommendations on the preferred methods for implementation of the project, so that it was both cost effective and affordable. A business plan was also designed for the operation of the farm, showing projected revenues and costs over a 10 year cycle. The final proposal was presented to KISR by the team in Kuwait City and is currently undergoing review before the next steps can be determined.