Inshore Fisheries Inspection (IFI) Project

MEP were contracted to provide overall managerial and technical guidance on the set-up and implementation of the Inshore Fisheries Inspection (IFI) project initiative and provide training inputs in line with international good MCS practice to the emerging Fisheries Inspection and Surveillance Unit under the DOF MCS Division.
Objectives: 1. Developing a collaborative operational framework for inshore inspections of fishing activity between DOF and the Myanmar Maritime Police at the District level. 2. Supporting an informer network between fishing communities and the DOF district office.
3. Raising awareness in communities where community members are likely to be inspected once inshore inspections are launched, so that fishers are sensitised and encouraged to fish legally through a clearer understanding of the updated control and enforcement duties of DOF.
4. Establishing inshore fisheries inspections using two modern fisheries inspection craft, based on information received from communities and/or risk analysis carried out by trained DOF staff, including info received from the VMS.