Lydd Ranges Fisheries Liaison

Over a period of three years shingle and rock was delivered to Lydd beach to counter the natural erosion. This is a prime fishing area and the fishery is prosecuted by a large number of small vessels. These vessels need to avoid the barge deliveries of rock and shingle as well as a sunken pipeline delivering shingle. During some preliminary work, fishermen dependant on the area were identified including where the works might disrupt their activities. This activity was continued to provide a database of fishermen potentially affected and indications of earnings from the area. During the early stages of the project MEP made outline recommendations for compensation and monitoring of activities of the fishermen. The fishing fleet has been updated on a regular basis and the contractors maintain activities in defined areas and times. Communication of vessel movements to the fishing fleet has resulted in a harmonious relationship so far with no disturbance payments requested by the fleets.