Capacity building and South-South cooperation to develop MCS for industrial and artisanal Fisheries

Since 2009, MEP have been fisheries advisers to the World Bank’s West Africa Regional Fisheries Program (WARFP). Running concurrently with this, the World Bank is introducing a series of major sustainable fisheries initiatives in mainland South Asia, where the structure of the coastal fisheries and the nature of the challenges they face exhibit many parallels to those in West Africa.

Two of these initiatives include the preparation of the Bangladesh Sustainable Coastal and Marine Fisheries Program (BSCMFP), and piloting safety of life at sea technologies with support from the Korea Green Growth Fund (KGGTF).

To build on the above, MEP were contracted to provide expert support to:

  • Further augment and synthesize the pilot work to date into both national and sub-regional level monitoring, surveillance, and control ICT strategy and implementation plan for the WARFP Phase 2 countries
  • Translate it into a detailed MCS subcomponent description for the second phase of the WARFP 2, including results indicators, budget and procurement plans, and implementation arrangements
  • Facilitate sharing related WARFP knowledge and experience in the context of the Bank’s BSCMFP work.