MCS Technologies Contract Review

The Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), and the World Bank commissioned a review of current data collection technologies for industrial and artisanal fisheries, focusing on how regional monitoring and training can be coordinated, providing guidance on the design of climate-resilient infrastructure in West African fishing communities.
MEP’s specific tasks included collating a global inventory of existing electronic vessel tracking and fish catch monitoring technologies (including a cost assessment), field missions for capacity building and training, as well as specialised advice for the up-scaling of technology application to each country.
A final report was produced that covered the following themes: data collection technologies for industrial fishing vessels using VMS, data collection technologies for artisanal fishing vessels, enabling coordination of regional fisheries MCS through design, specification and a coordinated strategy, guidance on the design of resilient infrastructure reactive to fishing activity, local conditions, climate change and socioeconomic variability, training and analysis.