Optimisation of the fishery surveillance system through satellites

With a global budget of 6 million euros (approx), DSPCM (Fisheries Surveillance Department of Mauritania) requires long-term technical assistance to improve the Monitoring, Control and Surveillance of the Mauritanian EEZ. MEP are assisting GFA Terra Systems on the technical back-stopping of the project, and providing the relevant experts. The global system of vessel monitoring system (VMS) by satellite, radars, radio-communications, aerial surveillance, inspections and observers on board will allow an efficient control of fishing vessels from Mauritania, neighbouring countries, the European Union and other countries such as China, with which Mauritania signed agreements for fisheries access. The project focuses mainly on installation of an efficient Vessel Tracking System (VTS) by satellite, complemented by the other means of MCS systems needed for an efficient and complete control of fishing activities. Regular visits to Mauritania are planned for back-stopping and updating any urgent modifications into the project for reaching the targeted outputs within time schedules.