Shrimp Farm Feasibility review in Saudi Arabia

MEP were responsible for the completion of a critical review of a feasibility study for the building of a major shrimp and fish farm site on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia. The review concentrated on the following areas; 

  • Stocking densities in the nursery and grow-out ponds
  • Growth rate assumptions in the nursery and grow-out ponds (and average body weights at harvest)
  • Survival rate assumptions in the nursery and grow-out ponds
  • Partial and final harvest quantities
  • Production rates per cycle and per year
  • Assess farm design (including pond design, nursery design, water control gates, water supply system, drainage system, aeration requirements)

MEP assembled a team of experts to complete a thorough review (as well as an economic feasibility study) and subsequently provided recommendations to the client in regards to the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed project.

MEP is able to call on a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the aquaculture sector and is able to offer a tailor made review on the feasibility of any aquaculture project across the world.