Turkish Farmed Bass and Bream Supply Chain Study

MEP were tasked with the completion of a supply chain study for farmed bass and bream originating in Turkey and destined for the UK and Austrian markets. The study commenced with analysis of the trade data for incoming product to allow an assessment of product form and type on entry to the market. Interviews were then held with key stakeholders to better understand the current buying criteria (sustainability requirements) for product originating from Turkey and any potential limitations that may exist for expanding the development of the market into both the UK and Austria. The project ended with the creation of recommendations for improvements in Turkish bass and bream supplies which would help improve the sustainability and environmental credentials of the product and increase potential access to the key European markets.

A link to the final reportFrom Turkey to Europe can be found here:  https://wwf.panda.org/wwf_news/?2470941/EU-and-UK-markets-drive-sea-bass-and-sea-bream-production-in-Turkey