UK Wave Hub

The Wave Hub was a pioneering renewable energy project to create the UK’s first offshore facility to demonstrate the operation of wave energy generation devices. Many different devices are being developed in the UK and elsewhere to generate electricity from the power of the waves. After the devices had been tested as prototypes elsewhere, the Wave Hub provides an area of sea with grid connection and planning consent, where arrays of devices can be operated over several years. The infrastructure involves the sub-station building at Hayle adjacent to a connection point to the distribution network. From there, a cable was taken through a duct beneath the sand dunes and then across the sea bed to an eight square kilometre area within which the devices are moored. This area is indicated with navigational markers. MEP provided the Wave Hub project with technical support and advice on the fisheries liaison process and mechanisms for offsetting impacts, forecast to be experienced by the fishing industry operating in the vicinity of the Wave Hub.