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Consultants in Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture

UK Fisheries Audit

MEP have recently provided the eNGO Oceana with the UK Fisheries Audit. The audit provides an evidence-based snapshot of the status of UK fish stocks and the UK fishing sector’s recent exploitation history of those stocks, by the time the UK leaves the EU fisheries policies. In doing so, the report provides a baseline for future evaluations of the UK’s progress and/or setbacks in sustainable fisheries management.

Of the 104 UK stocks audited by MEP, 35.6% were healthy in terms of stock size relative to the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) reference point Btrigger, whereas 20.2% were in a critical condition. Data limitations mean the status of the remaining 44.2% could not be determined.

Like Oceana, MEP hopes the content and policy recommendations of the UK Fisheries Audit will contribute to UK policy-making and support UK progress towards fully sustainable fisheries.